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Hay Day is a casual farming game from Supercell that launched for iOS in 2012 and a year later in 2013 for Android and remains popular to this day. Alongside Clash of Clans, it was the first game that truly took off for the company, helping it become a recognisable name in mobile gaming.

The game sees players building a farm and attempting to grow it by selling the crops they grow and harvest. At first, choices are limited, but the more cash earned, the greater the choice. For instance, eventually, they can build a bakery, BBQ grill and even a Sugar Mill. Naturally, this brings in even more company, allowing player's farms to grow bigger still.

Outside of expanding their farm, players can also spend time customising and decorating it. Whether that's the farmhouse itself or a roadside shop, there is an abundance of choices available, including a panda statue and birthday cake, among other things.